Top 5 Nigerian Artistes That Suffered Before Attaining Stardom – See What They Went Through (With Pictures)

Nigerian Artistes That Suffered

Nigerian Artistes That Suffered – Making it in the music industry has never been an as easy as it seems from the genesis of music in Nigeria. Some say it’s like a jungle out there, people go through thick and thin to become successful. The musicians voices may be wonderful and explicable fabulous; but it takes commitment and struggle to get to the public hearing. To most of our Nigerian musicians it was a journey from grass to grace. They went through the sweet road of thorns before entering fame and popularity.

Most of these stories are unbelievable because of the transformation that went on in their lives. Here are 5 top musicians who suffered big time.

1. P-square

Peter and Paul Okoye popular called P-square are popular musicians with numerous record labels under the square label. But, what we didn’t know is that they endured through poverty. Their mother used to sell pap while their father was trying to set up his bakery. After school, Peter and Paul would go to the bakery to see how we could help out. Peter and Paul would spend less than N100 a day on feeding. To survive, Peter once worked as a supermarket attendant and Paul did some electrical repair for money.

After their graduation in school, they assured their parents that their music was going to change lives as they planned to move to Lagos. They began to sell the little things they had and taken about 100,000 Naira or so from their father. And this was how they started their journey to stardom.

2. Timaya

Inetimi Alfred Odon, also known as Timaya, is one of the successful musicians in Nigeria. However his road to stardom was very rough and depressing. He started off living with a woman older than him while he was singing and hustling in different studios.

Timaya had run out of his father’s house when he was 14 years, was the last child out of 15 children, and his father wanted him to be a banker. He continued hustling and producing various music albums until DEM MAMA made a hit and he made it to stardom.

3. Don jazzy

Micheal Collins Ajereh, also known as Don Jazzy, is a Nigerian Multi award-winning record producer, singer-songwriter, mu­sician, former CEO of Nigerian record label Mo’ Hits Records, and current CEO of the Mavin Records label.  What many of us didn’t know is that he was once a security guard.

Michael Collins Ajereh was raised in Ajegunle city in Lagos. He graduated from Federal Government College, Lagos. Don Jazzy always had passion for music right from his childhood. He also developed a passion for the bass guitar at the age of 12.  He later moved to London in the United Kingdom in 2000 after his Uncle invited him to play the drums for the neighbourhood Church. Don jazzy had to work in various places to survive. He worked at McDonalds and also as a security guard.

Don Jazzy eventually furthered his knowledge in music and he would spend several hours practicing, recording and performing different types of music with his band. Now Don jazzy is a Don in the music industry.


Oluwabankole Wellington, also known as Banky W, is a super star and producer in the music industry today. However, he had a humble beginning. In order to raise money to survive, Banky had to take up to three jobs while also in the university.

In his words:

I worked in fast foods outlets, clothing stores and as a knife salesman, selling knives from door to door. That way, I gathered money to pay for studio recording time. I was recording with a close friend at that time” After making several CD’s, he would make different posters and stickers everywhere in order to gain popularity. He even went as far as going to salons to try to entertain customers where he was repeatedly kicked out.

At certain periods in his life, he had no food to eat so he would attend church services just to get free food. Banky W is now a wealthy musician swimming in fame.

5. Olamide

Olamide Adedeji also known as Badoo Sneh, was born on the 15th of March 1989. His journey to stardom was a very pathetic one; it took endurance, perseverance and hard work before he became successful. For several years Olamide roamed the streets of Bariga. He hustled on those streets until luck met with him when ID Cabasa met him and believed he could be successful.

But, it however didn’t end there. Olamide became more hardworking and waited for so many years before his single was promoted. He was finally signed to ID Cabassa’s Coded Tunez Label where he released his debut album Rapsodi in 2011, yielding several singles, with “Eni Duro” as the lead single. He eventually left ID Cabasa’s label by early 2012 and started his own record label.

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