Lupita Nyongo’s Father Has Won The Governorship Election For Kisumu County In Kenya

Professor Anyanga Nyongo, who is 12 years a slave actress’s father, has won the governorship election for Kisumu County. Professor Nyongo defeated his opponents, Jackton Ramguma and Christine Otieno to a win. 

At 83% of the polling stations reporting he got 252, 490 which is 63% while Jackton Ramguma got 141, 320 which represents 36% and Christine Otieno got 1919 representing less than 1% of total votes cast.

He ran under the National Super Alliance coalition. Kisumu is NASA stronghold where the party easily defeated the president’ s Jubilee party.With 37, 318 polling stations out of 40883 of the polling stations reporting, President Uhuru Kenyatta is leading his rival, Raila Odinga by 10.1% of the votes cast. At 7, 546, 262 that is 54.57% while Raila Odinga is at 6, 164, 403 at 44.58% of the votes.
The turnout at this point is 72.76% of registered voters.

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